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Newspaper articles and comments; speeches, interviews, reports 2004

Lovlig sexkjøp. Morgenbladet refers to the Fafo-report about trafficking, Crossing Borders, Dec 17

Mark Taylor gave a speech at a seminar with Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai, at the Nobel Institute, on December 12th; The Logs of War - Environment, Conflict and People-centred Security

Fafo AIS and the International Peace Acacemcy launch Business and International Crimes website, the result of extensive research into the laws and norms governing private sector activity in situations of repression or armed conflict. The website is intended as a resource for affected communities, policy makers in business and goverment, civil society and jurists, Dec 13

Material and social infrastructure of Palestinian refugee camps.
In three papers, Laurie Blome Jacobsen briefly describes the situation in the refugee camps and other poor refugee neighbourhoods of Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The papers summarises the findings from three multi-topic household surveys with respect to water and sanitation, crowding, access to services, etc., Dec 2004

Mot til å vitne. (The courageous testemony.) Commentary by Lise Bjerkan in Dagsavisen (also in Aftenposten and Klassekampen) about the challenges in motivating victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation testifying against their traffickers/exploiters, Dec 1

Malnutrition in Iraq
In recent days data on malnutrition from the IMIRA survey have been published in Iraq and elsewhere (see Washington Post ). According to our findings 7.5 percent, or 216,000, children between 6 months and 59 months of age at the time of interview are acutely malnourished. Acute malnutrition is more widespread in the south than the north of Iraq. Acute malnutrition is measured by comparing a child's height and weight to a standard reference population. See the Fafo IMIRA web pages

See Aftenposten, 400.000 irakske barn i livsfare (Iraqi children in danger because of malnutrition), P4 and Dagbladet Nov 21-30

Fafo's condolences to the Palestinian people and leadership, Nov 11

Pål Sletten and Willy Egset, Poverty in Haiti. Fafo-paper 2004:31

Fra sjakk til fotball. (From Chess to Football) Commentary by Mark Taylor in the newspaper Dagbladet, 7 Nov

Jon Pedersen attends a net meeting in the newspaper VG about what is going to happen in the Middle East after Arafat, 5 Nov

Yassir Arafat etterlater seg et stort vakuum, says Jon Hanssen-Bauer to the radio channel P4, 5 Nov

Trafficking og prostitusjon. Commentary in Dagsavisen by Anette Brunovskis, 22 Oct

Nobel Peace Prize to Wangari Maathai leads to discussion on concepts of peace and security. Fredspris-skepsis is Christian Ruge's and Mark Taylor's answer to Stein Tønnesson's Hvit, men ikke sur fredsforsker. Read their first commentary, Sure, hvite menn (Sour, white men). Dagbladet 16-25 Oct. See also the PRIO website

Can the value choices in DALYs influence global priority-setting? See abstract of Trude Arnesen's article in Health policy, vol 70, issue 2 for November 2004

Policy or Process? The Politics of International Peace Implementation. Fafo-report 456

Prostitusjon og menneskehandel (Prostitution and trafficking). Kvinnene politiet glemte (The women the police forgot). Bergens Tidende about prostitution, using Fafos report, Crossing Borders. 25 September

Haiti-møte i Oslo. (Haiti meeting in Oslo.) Dagsavisen writes about the meeting, where Fafo participates. 25 August

Sjokolade og barnearbeid. (Chocolate and child labour.) Commentary in Dagbladet by Morten Bøås, Anne Hatløy and Anne Huser, which has given the following contributions: Et lite stykke Ghana? (A little piece of Ghana?) and Fafo-forskere, barnearbeid og sjokolade (Fafo researchers, child labour ande chocolate.) Fafo og sjokoladen. Answer from Fafo reserachers in Dagbladet: Mer sjokolade. See also commentary in LO-Aktuelt, Myter om barnearbeid. 23-27 August

Unge mot gamle i Arafats rekker. Dagsavisen has asked Jon Hanssen-Bauer to comment on the uproar in Arafat's Fatah movement, 21 July

FAFO-sjefen: Rød-Larsen formidler FNs syn. Jon Hanssen-Bauer is interviewed by Bergens Tidende and Stavanger Aftenblad, 15 July

Companies in Conflict Zones: Fafo AIS announces a collaboration with Collaborative for Development Action and Internatioanl Alert to the Global Compact Leaders meeting in New York on 23 June

Lise Bjerkan and Anniken Huitfeldt, Roma Minorities in the Czech and Slovak Republics: Development of a social survey methodology. Fafo-paper 2004:18

Companies in Conflict Zones: Fafo AIS announces a collaboration with Collaborative for Development Action and Internatioanl Alert to the Global Compact Leaders meeting in New York on 23 June

Lise Bjerkan and Anniken Huitfeldt, Roma Minorities in the Czech and Slovak Republics: Development of a social survey methodology. Fafo-paper 2004:18

Oljefondet, tobakk og slaveri. (Petroleum fund, tobacco and slavery.) Dagsavisen refers to the Fafo-report The Smoking Business

Står til, Afrika? (How are you, Africa?) Morten Bøås is interviewed by Vårt Land

Bakkanal for flertallsregjering. (Back-channel to prepare a majority government.) Dagbladet writes about a new private foreign policy discussion forum, where Jon Hanssen-Bauer participated, see also Aftenposten and Ukeavisen Ledelse, 24-25 May

Kritikerne har egen agenda. (The critics have their own agenda.) Bistandsaktuelt about the critic of the report «Peacemaking Is a Risky Business». Jon Hanssen-Bauer is referred to

Kari Hauge Riisøen, Anne Hatløy, Lise Bjerkan, Travel to Uncertainty. A study of child relocation in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Mali, Fafo-report 440

Lise Bjerkan and Christophe Gironde, Achievements and setbacks in the fights against child labour. Assessment of the Oslo Conference on Child Labour October 27 – 30, 1997. Fafo-report 439

Mark Taylor (ed.), Josefine Aaser, Anne Huser, Kathleen Jennings, Economies of Conflict. The Next Generation of Policy Responses. Report of the expert consultation on conflict economies and development. Oslo, 4 November 2003. Fafo-report 436

Høyre eller venstre om? (Right or left turn?) Jon Hanssen-Bauer is interviewed by Dagsavisen about Sharon's defeat in Likud over withdrawal of Israel's settlements

Anette Brunovskis, Anne Britt Djuve and Hilde Maria Haualand, Facing a Baltic Invasion? Mobility of Baltic Labour towards the Nordic Countries, Fafo-report, April

Krigen mot narkotika (The war against drugs). Comment by Kathleen M. Jennings in Dagbladet, 20 April

Frykter hardere fronter. Jon Hanssen-Bauer is interviewed by Vårt Land about the relationship between the Arabic world and Israel/USA, 20 April

Enquete sur les Conditions de Vie en Haiti (ECVH-2001). Published by Institut Haitien de Statistique et d'Informatique, April

Kristin Dalen and Jon Pedersen, The Future Size of the Palestinian Population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Fafo-report, April

Fafo and The Norwegian Refugee Council has signed an agreement to co-operate in data analysis and management in complex emergency situations. The aim of the agreement is to contribute to the strengthening of the knowledge base for humanitarian assistance. See press release (in Norwegian).

The Aliens are Coming to Sue You, Mark Taylor interviewed in Corporate Knights magazine about litigation that looms over companies for their actions abroad, 25 March

Yassin-drapet kan styrke Hamas. Jon Hanssen-Bauer is interviewed by the Norwegian paper Vårt Land. See also Dagbladet and Bergens Tidende, 22-24 March

The Fafo-report Crossing Borders. An Empirical Study of Transnational Prostitution and Trafficking in Human Beings attracted considerable attention in the media, see our March 2004 news page

UN-mandated security force a must for Haiti. A reply from Pål Sletten to Jeffrey Sachs' comment Don't fall for Washington's spin on Haiti in the Financial Times, 5 March

Oslo-avtalen: Prestisjeprosjektet som feilet. An interview with, among others, Jon Hanssen-Bauer, in Morgenbladet, about Fafo's role in the Middle East peace process, 5 March

Haitis humanitære krise. (Haiti's humanitarian crisis.) Anne Hatløy writes in Stavanger Aftenblad, 3 March

Jon Pedersen was presenting a paper on Human settlements and urban development: how to monitor at the conference "Challenges to Urban Poverty and Slum Eradication" Oslo, 11 Feb

Opprøret sprer seg i Haiti. (The rebellion spreads in Haiti.) Pål Sletten is interviewed by Dagsavisen about the situation in Haiti, (same article in various Norwegian newspapers), 10 Feb

Ikke glem Liberia. (Don't forget Liberia.) Comment by Morten Bøås and Anne Hatløy in Dagbladet, 2 Feb

Mellom barken og veden. Commentary on the polarisation of international security policy and Iraq, by Mark Taylor in Dagbladet, 1 Feb

Diplomatisk høysesong i Midtøsten etter Irak-krigen. Jon Hanssen-Bauer is interviewed by Stavanger Aftenblad, 17 Jan 2004

Haiti 200 år: Avlyst feiring. (Haiti 200 years: Celebration cancelled.) Comment by Willy Egset in Dagbladet, 11 Jan 2004





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