NWLC 2018 Streams and sessions, overview

Stream 1 Professional Work in a Nordic Context

Session 1 New Public Management and its effects on the professional ethos; addressing myths and realities

Session 2 Professional work in the Nordic welfare states

Session 3 Journalists' Working Lives in Flux: New Challenges, New Opportunities?

Session 4 Security, crisis management, and the labour market – changing patterns and new professional roles?

Session 5 The effects of New Public Management in higher education; teachers and researchers juggling competing logics and new steering models

Stream 2  Flexiblity, mobility and atypical work

Session 6 Precarious work in the Nordics

Session 7 Flexibility and Security in Post-Industrial Labour Markets

Session 8 Social stratification and mobility in more segmented, flexible labour markets 

Session 9 Session 9: Young workers on a changing labor-market

Stream 3 The future of work

Session 10 No more colorless working life

Session 11 Digitalization, platforms and robotization of work

Session 12 New wave of knowledge work – challenge or a chance?

Session 13 The End of the Work Panics – History, Analysis and Societal responses

Stream 4 Labour market careers and life-course transitions

Session 14 Working time and sustainable work over the life course

Session 15 Vocational Education and Training in international labor markets: challenges and responses

Session 16 Youths’ everyday life and antecedents for sustainable life course transitions

Session 17 Graduates’ employment and life course: a multi-approach and multi–methodological work-shop

Session 18 The ageing population and older workers participation in working life

Stream 5:
Work Inclusion

Session 19 Refugees and Immigrants in the Nordic labour markets

Session 20 Vulnerable groups and the labour market; means and measures for more inclusive employment policies

Session 21 Work integration social enterprises (WISE) – new possibilities for unemployed or disadvantaged workers?

Stream 6 Gender

Session 22 Women’s labour market (dis)advantage in Nordic welfare states

Session 23 Gender and work - a question of time

Stream 7a Work environment issues

Session 24 Work environment issues: Emotional Abuse at Work

Session 25 Whistleblowing and freedom of expression in the Nordic working life

Session 26 Sexual harassment in the workplace – a forgotten problem?

Session 27 Leadership and HR-strategies and older workers

Stream 7b Occupational health and well-being at work

Session 28 Occupational Health and Well-Being at Work

Session 29 The positive sides of the Work Environment

Stream 8a The Nordic work life model – the Corporate Level

Session 30 The Diffusion and Translation of Concepts on Managing in the Nordic Countries

Session 31 Employee-driven Innovation

Session 32 The organization theories of the Industrial Democracy Experiments facing contemporary work life realities

Stream 8b
The Nordic work life model – the Collective Level

Session 33 Collective bargaining, pay setting and social partners in changing labour markets

Stream 9 Open stream

Session 35 Open stream