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Increased employment of young people with disabilities

01. February 2018

The purpose of the project is two-fold: 1. To map and describe cooperation between Nav and IA companies aimed at including people with disabilities. 2. Describe good collaboration models that can be spread as a wizard for employees in Nav, employers and other collaborators.

Sexuell harassment ini hotels and restaurants in Scandinavia

31. January 2018

The purpose of the project is to provide knowledge about the prevention and management of sexual harassment and harassment based on gender in the hotel and restaurant industry in Scandinavia.

Til fafo.noFafo is partner in the EU project TRACK-VET

15. January 2018

Fafo (Kaja Reegård and Jon Rogstad) is involved in a project on the development, assessment and validation of transversal key competences in the Vocational Education and Training system, e.g., social and civic competences, and sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. The project includes partners in seven European countries, and is led by Warsaw School of Economics, Poland.

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