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Fafo Østforum seminar 18.9_ Decent work in the cleaning industry


At this seminar in Norwegian, Fafo researchers will present findings from the report "Cleaning industry from below". Do the general application of agreements and the approval scheme in the cleaning industry have an impact on pay and working conditions? The Norwegian Union of General Workers provides a report from the unregulated section of the industry. Representatives from the tripartite industry program in cleaning and the local social partners will also participate.

LIVE NOW: Growing support for welfare in China


The support for a universal welfare state, especially when it comes to education and health care, has been rapidly growing amongst the Chinese people according to a research program spanning over 10 years. The findings from the project were presented and discussed (in English) on a Fafo-led conference on Friday the 14th of September. Recorded webcast on Fafo-tv

Better knowledge, better childhoods?


A national project aims to secure more including environments for children and youths by offering professionals within schools, kindergartens and municipalities a way to extend their knowledge and competence when it comes to fighting harassment, bullying and similar unwanted social elements. Fafo has been given the task to evaluate the project’s achievements so far.

FFI-forum, September 18th: Radicalization in Scandinavia


The research project "Searching the Unknown: Discourses and Effects of Radiationization in Scandinavia (Radiskan)" has conducted ethnographic fieldwork both among practitioners working with prevention and in different target groups. At the  FFI Forum September 18, Fafo-researcher Nerina Weiss and others will be presenting results from the research and invite debate. (In Norwegian)

How to inspect up in the air, at sea and on rails


For most sectors Arbeidstilsynet is Norway's sole labour inspection authority, though a few exceptions exist where this responsibility is placed on sectoral agencies. Fafo is commissioned to investigate how the supervision work within three of these, namely aviation, shipping and railway, is being administrated, both practically and qualitatively.

Considerable gaps in Congolese immunization project


In this article Anne Hatløy evaluates in which degree the aim to immunize every child in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been successful. Geographically the variations are significant, spanning from 5.8 to 70 percent coverage in different regions. Education and economy are central factors. On this basis Hatløy recommends the vaccination project to specifically reach out to poor women with no or limited education.

1 in 6 doctors have been sexual harassed


16 percent of employed members of the doctors association Legeforeningen have experienced sexual harassment in or in relation to their work. Amongst female doctors the share is 22 percent and for male doctors 8 percent, according to an article written by Mona Bråten.

How can we make everyone play along?


Costs and expenses might hinder some children’s and youths’ participation in organized leisure activities. As a support for organizations and municipalities’ efforts to be more including towards these groups the organization NDFU has created the practical information and action planning tool ALLEMED. Fafo has been commissioned by NDFU to evaluate the tool’s usages and to suggest how one can further strengthen its effectiveness.

New article: Muddy responsibility sharing amongst many corporate managements


The Norwegian codes for how the owners, board and administrative leadership of a company should understand their specific roles and responsibilities were established in 2003. A considerable number of Norwegian and Swedish companies do not abide by these guidelines. Many boards are passive and the contact between owners and administrative staff is largely in the form of direct dialogue. The article is written by Inger Marie Hagen and Elin Svarstad and published in the journal Magma.

Both creative and safe?


Through this project we will describe and quantify the various labor organizations within the field of arts and culture. Central questions will be: Which hiring/contract arrangements are common and is the balance between these various arrangements changing? Which factors are important for the members’ rights and safety in the labor market? Which services do the organizations offer their members and is it possible to extend the cooperation between organizations?



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