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From homelessness to permanent housing


In this report we present the findings from an evaluation of two municipal projects based on the Housing First (HF) model, one in Bergen and another in Sandnes. the Housing First programmes have reached out to a target group that face complex challenges, and many of whom have significant substance abuse and mental health problems. The report is written by Inger Lise Skog Hansen.

Temporary employment in Norwegian working life


Kristine Neergard presents the newest numbers on temporary employment in Norway. One of the questions is whether the share of temporary employed has increased in the aftermath of the new regulations in the Working Environment Act from 2015.

Different methods and means


Fafo-researcher Guri Tyldum and NRK's Odd Isungset participated in a discussion around a documantary about crime among Rumenians in Bergen and Fafo's research report "When poverty meets Affluence" on April 19th. (in Norwegian)

Evaluation of mathematics exam for 10th grade 2017 to 2019


Fafo will be part of an evaluation of mathematics exams for 10th grade. The quality of the exam, in addition to the notion of being treated fairly, are among to of the most important factors for the pupils.

Menneskehandel på Balkan-ruten


In recent years, the flow of migrants and refugees through the Balkans has significantly increased. To date, there has been limited empirical evidence of when, why and how vulnerability to human trafficking arises in mass movements of migrants and refugees. Anette Brunovskis, Fafo, (pictured) and Rebecca Surtees (Nexus Institute) concludes with specific recommendations on how government and civil society stakeholders may begin to work more effectively.



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