Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor
Forsker II, bistilling


    Dr. Philos, International Law, University of Oslo


Business and human rights, sustainability in global value chains, corporate accountability, war economies, peacebuilding, Middle East


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Inger Lise Skog Hansen, Mark B. Taylor and Arne Backer Grønningsæter
Fafo-paper 2016:24
Mark B. Taylor
Kartlegging og avviksanalyse: Statens plikt til å beskytte
Kartlegging og avviksanalyse som grunnlag for nasjonal handlingsplan for oppfølging av FNs Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
Fafo-notat 2013:12
Mark B. Taylor, Robert C. Thompson and Anita Ramasastry
Overcoming Obstacles to Justice
Improving Access to Judicial Remedies for Business Involvement in Grave Human Rights Abuses
Fafo-report 2010:21
Anita Ramasastry and Robert C. Thompson
Commerce, Crime and Conflict
Legal Remedies for Private Sector Liability for Grave Breaches of International Law. A Survey of Sixteen Countries. Executive Summary
Fafo-report 536
Mark B. Taylor and Kathleen M. Jennings
In Search of Strategy
An Agenda for Applied Research on Transitions from Conflict
Fafo-report 480
Mark Taylor (ed.), Josefine Aaser, Anne Huser, Kathleen Jennings
Economies of Conflict
The Next Generation of Policy Responses. Report of the expert consultation on conflict economies and development. Oslo, 4 November 2003
Fafo-report 436
Leiv Lunde and Mark Taylor, with Anne Huser
Commerce or Crime?
Regulating Economies of Conflict
Fafo-rapport 424
Peace Implementation Network
Swords for Ploughshares
Report of the Forum on the policies and practices of small arms and light weapons disarmament in post-conflict transitions. Peace Implementation Network, Programme for International Co-operation, Conflict Resolution
Fafo-report 332

Mark B. Taylor

Due Diligence: A Compliance Standard for European Companies
European Company Law | 2014

Mark Taylor

The Ruggie Framework
Etikk i praksis | 2011

Robert Thomspon, Anita Ramasastry

Translating Unocal | 2009

Mark B. Taylor

War Economies and International Law | 2021

Tone Sommerfelt, Mark B. Taylor

The big dilemma of small soldiers: Recruiting children to the war in Syria
Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre | 2015

Mark Taylor

Human Rights Due Diligence 2013 | 2013

Olivier de Schutter, Anita Ramasastry, Mark B. Taylor and Robert C. Thompson

Human Rights Due Diligence 2012 | 2012

John Karlsrud, Mark Taylor, Raymond Apthorpe, Henriette Lunde & Laura Elaine Mitchell

Evaluating Conflict Prevention and Peace-Building Activities | 2005

Mark Taylor

Beyond Beyond Compliance
How Human Rights is Transforming CSR | 2013

I: Atle Midtun (ed.) CSR and Beyond – A Nordic Perspective

Mark Taylor

Regulating Illicit Flows to and From Wars | 2013 Companies in Conflict Situations