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Employment contracts in the Norwegian labour market

Fafo-reports and papers

Fafo-rapport 2018:38
Kristine Nergaard

Fafo-rapport 2016:07
Kristine Nergaard

Fafo-paper 2018:21
Kristin Jesnes

Fafo-notat 2017:12
Kristine Nergaard
Oppdaterte tall for 2016

Fafo-notat 2017:07
Kristine Nergaard
Resultater fra en tilleggsundersøkelse til AKU 2016 og oppdaterte tall for midlertidige ansettelser

Project management

Sissel C. Trygstad

Project participant(s)

Kristin Alsos
Kristine Nergaard

Research area(s)

Wage formation

Project period

September 2014
December 2018