Human trafficking for labour exploitation

In this research project, Fafo will contribute to the increased knowledge about the prevalence of and efforts against human trafficking for labour exploitation.

This knowledge will enable municipalities to develop and implement more effective instruments within municipal service areas, in order to prevent human trafficking and to provide assistance and protection to possible victims. The project is commissioned by Oslo Municipality, Byrådsavdeling for eldre, helse og arbeid and is funded by KS, Program for storbyrettet forskning. The survey has three main objectives:

  1. Clarify the roles and instruments of the municipalities and their cooperation with other actors
  2. Increase the knowledge about victims' assistance needs, the extent of trafficking, investigation and prosecution
  3. Contribute to clearer conceptualization of different forms of exploitation (social dumping, work related crime and human trafficking)

These topics will be examined through a qualitative study and interviews with actors involved in work against human trafficking.

The operational work against human trafficking includes identification, assistance and protection for victims and investigations and prosecution of persons and networks responsible for such exploitation.

It is a challenge in this field that these different areas of responsibility include very different actors and are regulated by different parts of the legislation, and not least that institutional actors may have different understandings and uses of central concepts. An important part of the project is therefore to map different uses of concepts and to discuss the delimitation of human trafficking in human beings against other forms of work related crime, social dumping and so on.

Furthermore, the project will identify which actors do what in this field and how they are included in / can be part of a collaboration with the municipalities.

The interviews will be conducted in Oslo and Bergen. We will identify both the problems and approaches that are


Project period

  • Start:
    August 2018
  • End:
    December 2020

Commissioned by

  • Oslo Municipality

Sustainable development goals