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Fafo conducts research on the social, political and economic dimensions of governance, in particular the challenges to realising rights and responding to sources of insecurity. Our research seeks to better understand how individuals, households, communities and organisations are affected by and respond to violence and other sources of vulnerability. What are the social foundations of transition and conflict? How do people adapt? What are the implications for policy?

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How does covid-19 affect inequality in the Arab world?

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

On Thursday May 21 (15.00 Norwegian time), Svein Erik Stave and Tewodros Aragie Kebede will be participating in an online debate session concerning social protection policies in the Arab world. The Fafo researchers have been conducting research on how the corona situation is affecting the labour market in Jordan. The session is part of the Regional Dialogue Series on Social Protection Policies in the Arab world and will be streamed live stream on Facebook.

New report: Vulnerable workers in Jordan hit hard by COVID-19

Monday, 04 May 2020

Fafo and the International Labour Organization (ILO) has launched the results of a rapid assessment of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable workers in the Jordanian labour market. The assessment includes Syrian refugees, Jordanians, women and workers in informal employment.

Almost half of the respondents who were in employment before the COVID-19 outbreak, were currently out of work. Out of these, 13 per cent had been permanently dismissed, while 18 percent had been temporarily laid-off and 16 per cent were on paid leave. Syrian refugees were among those hardest hit as a result of their largely informal employment situation. A third who were in employment before the crisis had lost their jobs permanently, compared to 17 per cent of surveyed Jordanians.

New project: How does the corona crisis affect vulnerable groups in Jordan and Lebanon?

Wednesday, 01 April 2020

Fafo has been given an urgent assignment from UN’s International Labour Organisation (ILO) to map how the corona crisis affects the labor markets in Jordan and Lebanon, with an emphasis on refugees, immigrants and other vulnerable groups in the informal work sector.

Researchers Svein Erik Stave and Tewodros Aragie Kebede are developing the survey tools for the imminent data collection via telephone interviews. The survey will be repeated in a couple of months to assess the longer-term consequences in the labor markets.