Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor

    Academic background:

    Dr. Philos, International Law, University of Oslo

Area of work:

Business and human rights, sustainability in global value chains, corporate accountability, war economies, peacebuilding, Middle East.

Research areas: Responsible business | Middle East and North Africa | Peacebuilding and stabilisation | Decent Work | Violence and Conflict

A full list of recent publications

+47 97583650
Inger Lise Skog Hansen, Mark B. Taylor and Arne Backer Grønningsæter
Fafo-paper 2016:24
Mark B. Taylor, Robert C. Thompson and Anita Ramasastry
Fafo-report 2010:21
Anita Ramasastry and Robert C. Thompson
Fafo-report 536
Mark B. Taylor and Kathleen M. Jennings
Fafo-report 480
Mark Taylor (ed.), Josefine Aaser, Anne Huser, Kathleen Jennings
Fafo-report 436
Leiv Lunde and Mark Taylor, with Anne Huser
Fafo-rapport 424
Peace Implementation Network
Fafo-report 332

Mark Taylor

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