Nerina Weiss
Nerina Weiss

    Academic background:

    PhD Social Anthropology, University of Oslo

Area of work:

Violence and conflict, gender, political anthropology, migration, torture and social suffering, asylum, radicalization.

Research areas:

Violence and Conflict | Introduksjonsprogram for nyankomne flyktninger

Nerina Weiss is senior researcher at Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Studies. She holds a PhD in social anthropology (University of Oslo 2012), and worked as a Marie Curie IE Fellow at Dignity-Danish Institute against Torture from 2011 to 2013.

Much of her academic and applied research has focused on citizen-state relations, which she explored through a focus on political violence and migration, radicalization, as well as torture and trauma.

Regionally she has worked in the Mediterranean and Middle East, with extensive fieldwork experience from Cyprus and Eastern Turkey, as well as from Denmark, Norway and Austria. She is the co-editor of “Violence Expressed: An Anthropological Perspective” (2012 Routledge).

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Cecilia Dinardi, Birgit Lie, Nora Sveaass og Nerina Weiss
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Nerina Weiss og Anne Hege Strand
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Ragna Lillevik, Nerina Weiss, Hanne Kavli, Gitte Haugnæss og Morten Stenstadvold
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Nerina Weiss, Anne Britt Djuve, Wendy Hamelink og Huafeng Zhang
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Nerina Weiss
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Nerina Weiss

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