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Ståle Østhus og Roy A. Nielsen
Fafo-notat 2020:05
Ståle Østhus
Fafo-rapport 2019:02
Ståle Østhus, Maja Tofteng, Rolf Røtnes og Jon Hippe
Fafo-notat 2017:11

Sturla Nordlund and Ståle Østhus

What is alcohol abuse? Attitudes to drinking in seven European countries

Addiction Research & Theory

Ståle Østhus

Health effects of downsizing survival and job loss in Norway

Social Science and Medicine

Ståle Østhus and Ellen J. Amundsen

Estimating levels and trends in alcohol use
- investigating the validity of estimates based on Norwegian population surveys

Norsk Epidemiologi

Elin K. Bye and Ståle Østhus

Alcohol and cannabis use in Norway during the period 1995-2009

Norsk Epidemiologi

Ståle Østhus and Arne Mastekaasa

The impact of downsizing on remaining workers’ sickness absence

Social Science & Medicine

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