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Anne Kielland


Master of Political Science, University of Oslo
Ongoing PhD in Sociology, University of Oslo

Research areas

Education and out-of-school children; child protection; child vulnerability; children living with a disability; child labour; child mobility; child migration; child trafficking; the role of children in household risk management strategies.




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  • Nkamleu, G.B. and A. Kielland (2006), “Modeling farmers' decisions on child labor and schooling in the cocoa - sector: a multinomial logit analysis in Cote d'Ivoire.” Journal of Agricultural Economics 35 (2006) 319-333



Other Fafo-publications

Book chapters

  • Kielland, A. (2013), The Exploitation Equation: Distinguishing child trafficking from other types of child mobility in West Africa, in Human Trafficking: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, ed. Mary C. Burke. Routledge.

  • Kielland, A. (2010), “Education for the non-attenders: expanding the policy toolbox for EFA", in Commonwealth Ministers Reference Book 2010, pp 224-226, Henley Media Group Ltd.


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  • Kielland, A. and M. Tovo (2006), Children at Work: Child Labor Practices in Africa. Lynne Rienner Publishers



  • Kielland. A. (2015), Evolution in approaches to improve access to education for children living in urban slums. w/case studies from Haiti, DRC, Brazil and Bangladesh. Background document for Unesco Global Monitoring Report 2015.

  • Kielland, A. (2015) Education in Haiti. Situation, Challenges and Recommendations With a Special Focus on the Sud Department. For the Norwegian MFA.

  • Kielland, A. (2015) Økonomiske og sosiale utviklingstrekk i norske satsingsland for utdanning - betydning for norsk utdanningsbistand i Malawi, Niger, Etiopia, Sør-Sudan og Nepal. For the Norwegian MFA.

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  • Kielland, A. and M. Amadou (2001). Les Talibes au Nord Benin, Enfance Malheureuse; " Un Mode de Vie Choisi ". The World Bank

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