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Education in the Sahel: Challenges and innovative solutions
Fafo breakfast – report launch
Thursday 14 February, 08:30–09:45
Fafo, Borggata 2B, Oslo

Worldwide, over 263 million children and adolescents are out-of-school. This includes children who never started school or who dropped out after enrollment. The most vulnerable and marginalized – often displaced children and young people, ex-combatants, girls, and children with disabilities – are more likely to find it difficult to get an education. The out-of-school rates in West Africa are higher than on the rest of the African continent.

To realize one of the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 4 on Education, innovative solutions and accelerated progress is needed. In this seminar, we address the challenge of out-of-school children in the Sahel region and evaluation of ongoing efforts that attempt to tackle it. During the seminar, a launch of a Norad financed evaluation report on Strømme Foundation’s Speed School program in West Africa will be made. The evaluation is conducted by Fafo Research Foundation.


Welcome and chair: Arne Backer Grønningsæter, Fafo

Out-of-school children in the Sahel: Anne Kielland, Fafo. Presentation (pdf)

Report on Evaluation of Speed School Program: Tewodros Kebede, Fafo. Presentation (pdf)

Commentary: Anne Breivik, Strømme Foundation. Presentation (pdf) 

Commentary: Gerd-Hanne Fosen, Norad. Presentation (pdf)



Fafo-report "Strømme Foundation's Speed School Program in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger. Evaluation report" is written by Fafo researcher Tewodros Aragie Kebede.

Download English web-edition

Télécharger l'édition web en français  


20647Kielland, Anne, Anne Hatløy, Tone Sommerfelt, Tewodros Aragie Kebede and Kathleen M. Jennings (2017), Hidden in the numbers: Barriers to girls’ education in West Africa. A scoping study concerning knowledge about trends and sub-variations. Fafo-report 2017:39. Web edition (pdf 2241 kB)





aki 1Anne Kielland is a researcher at Fafo. She specialized in research on child vulnerability, children’s work and education. Kielland mainly works in West Africa, where she currently leads two large research projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council.




tak 15Tewodros Aragie Kebede is a researcher at Fafo and the lead author of the report on the evaluation of Strømme Foundation’s Speed School Program. He has extensive experience in rigorous impact evaluation both at theoretical level as well as practical applications. Kebede has a demonstrated knowledge in education, poverty and development issues. He is currently leading the coordination of the Formative Dialogue Research Project on the Norwegian Visjon2030 program that finances Innovation projects.


anne breivikAnne Breivik is Strømme Foundation’s Education Advisor. She is responsible for overseeing the organisation’s Education Strategy as well as its portfolio of programs in Asia. In the period 2015-17, she was responsible for following up the Foundation’s West Africa programs, which have a strong focus on accelerated education for out-of-school children. Anne has extensive experience with project management, training and facilitation. She has 15 years of experience from the voluntary and international development sector in Norway and the UK, including with the UK National Commission for UNESCO and the British Academy. She holds an MA in International Relations from Durham University (UK).


gerd hanne fosenGerd-Hanne Fosen is currently Education Policy Director with the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). She was previously the Head of Education in Norad. Prior to joining Norad in 2014, Fosen was the Director of Education at Save the Children Norway. She has also been the Secretary-General for the Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO and has worked as a Senior Advisor in the international department in the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Fosen has worked in the field of education and development all of her professional life.



Strømme Foundation's goal is to ensure quality education for disadvantaged group through formal and non formal quality education. Read more




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