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Innovation and development of organisations

Over the last 10 years Fafo increasingly have conducted projects where we we bring expertise from labour and welfare research into development studies of private enterprises in several industries, as well as public production units. Innovation can be promoted or inhibited by factors on both a local and national level, however the innovation itself still take place locally in terms of changes that stimulate increased productivity, including a better working environment and improved service quality.

In particular, our research emphasises innovation through local partnership driven participation. Methodologically, action research and evaluations of development and innovation processes are central, and we use a wide range of both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. This approach implies that our projects often extend over time and that we spend a significant amount of time at the work place communicating with management, shop stewards and employees. Often action research involves that we provide assistance in the form of workshops, seminars etc. in conjunction with the implementation of the company's initiatives. Examples of projects are:

  • Social and organisational conditions for better utilisation of new technologies in the construction industry
  • Increased employee involvement and new forms of collaboration for increased production efficiency in the shipbuilding and construction industries
  • Testing out working time arrangements to support the development of a full-time culture within industries with extensive use of small scale part-time positions
  • Development of new services (and service profiles) in the healthcare sector
  • Employer and employee strategy design and measures to improve skills development, recruitment and better reputation in the municipal sector. Benefits of local tripartite collaboration in the municipalities





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