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Getting and staying together: 100 years of social dialogue and tripartism in Norway

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Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Throughout Norway’s history, it has used social dialogue and tripartism to achieve better social and economic outcomes that benefit society as a whole. In this project we will study this in a historical context as well as look to the future of social dialogue. This project will end out in a report to the ILO 100 anniversary in the spring of 2019.

This study aims to evaluate the development of social dialogue and tripartism in Norway and its contribution to the country’s model of inclusive development focusing in particular on key features and drivers of the successful social dialogue. The study will have three parts: a) the first part will depict briefly the Norwegian industrial relations system and its key features ; b) the second part will focus on developments and achievements of social dialogue and tripartism; c) the third part will highlight the future of social dialogue in the context of a constantly changing world of work

  • Project start: December 2018
  • Project ends: May 2019



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