Fafo oppgraderer sine nettsider og har i den forbindelse litt problemer med søkefunksjonen og visning av publikasjoner. Hvis du ikke finner det du leter etter kan du sende en epost til så skal vi bistå deg


At Fafo a group of researchers are working on pensions and benefits, including retirement and disability pension from the National Insurance, occupational pensions and contractual early retirement pension (AFP).

We are interested in both prevalence and use of different retirement schemes (retirement behaviour) and the schemes’ distributional impact. In addition, we focus on the formulation and organization of the different parts of the pension system and the interplay between them. We are especially interested in the different retirement and occupational pensions, and also the roles of the social partners.

The main goals of our research are:

• To describe and analyze changes in the Norwegian pension system and furthermore to explain what happens and why?
• To survey the use of different early retirement pensions and to explain variation over time and between groups

• To estimate costs and distributional consequences of different pension models and their components

• To compare and explain differences in retirement systems between different countries, including the causes behind changes and reforms

Our research is very empirical. Our conclusions are derived from data from interviews and surveys targeting employees, employers and actors within politics, administration and labor. In addition we use data from public registries to map and explain differences in benefit and retirement behavior, and as a means to measure the impact of policy changes and concrete measures.

We try to conduct comparative research, thus knowledge on retirement systems and reforms in other countries is important.