Permanent employment is the main rule for employment in the Norwegian working life. But there are alternative affiliations. Fafo has studied exceptions from this main rule in a number of projects. These projects concern fixed term jobs, temporary agency work and zero-hours contracts.

Fafo monitors the development related to forms of employment contracts and how these change over time. What is the extent of the use of fixed term contracts? What characterizes the growth in the temporary work agency sector and how does this growth relate to major changes in the Norwegian working life in recent years? Why do employers use alternatives to permanent employment and what are the consequences for the employees in question? We are also looking at how legislation and regulation though collective agreements may affect the various types of contracts and affiliations.

Forms of employment



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Jørgen Svalund, Beate Sletvold Øistad og Kristin Alsos
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Fafo-rapport 2019:20
Rolf K. Andersen, Mona Bråten og Sigurd M. Nordli Oppegaard
Fafo-rapport 2019:25
Kristine Nergaard og Elin Svarstad
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Ann Cecilie Bergene, Kristine Nergaard og Jørgen Svalund
Fafo-rapport 2018:47
Elin Svarstad og Sissel C. Trygstad
Fafo-rapport 2018:32
Rolf K. Andersen og Mona Bråten
Fafo-rapport 2018:19
Jørgen Svalund og Johannes Oldervoll
Fafo-rapport 2018:11
Kristin Alsos, Johannes Oldervoll og Beate Sletvold Øistad
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Fafo-notat 2017:12
Rolf K. Andersen, Mona Bråten, Bård Jordfald og Kristine Nergaard
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Kristine Nergaard
Fafo-notat 2017:07
Rolf K. Andersen og Bård Jordfald
Fafo-rapport 2016:39
Kristin Jesnes og Johannes Oldervoll
Kristin Alsos, Mona Bråten og Sissel C. Trygstad
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Fafo-rapport 2016:07
Mona Bråten og Jørgen Svalund
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Fafo-rapport 2015:25
Kristine Nergaard, Kristin Alsos, Mona Bråten og Ragnhild Steen Jensen
Fafo-rapport 2015:10
Sol Skinnarland og Magnus Mühlbradt
Fafo-rapport 2014:19
Kristin Alsos, Øyvind M. Berge og Anne Mette Ødegård
Fafo-rapport 2012:06
Rolf K. Andersen, Kristine Nergaard og Anne Mette Ødegård
Fafo-notat 2012:12
Kristine Nergaard, Torstein Nesheim, Kristin Alsos, Øyvind M. Berge, Sissel C. Trygstad og Anne Mette Ødegård
Fafo-rapport 2011:33
Rolf K. Andersen og Bård Jordfald
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Fafo-notat 2010:08
Kristin Alsos. Med vedlegg av Stein Evju
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Kristine Nergaard og Jørgen Svalund
Fafo-notat 2008:25
Kristin Alsos, Stein Evju og Anne Mette Ødegård
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Fafo-notat 2006:19
Heidi Nicolaisen og Håvard Lismoen
Fafo-rapport 459
Kristine Nergaard
Fafo-rapport 430
Kristine Nergaard og Heidi Nicolaisen
Fafo-notat 2002:17
Lene Gezelius
Fafo-rapport 318
Kristine Nergaard og Torgeir Aarvaag Stokke
Fafo-rapport 198
Fafo-rapport 113
Dag Stokland
Fafo-rapport 091
Siv Aksnes og Håkon Gundersen
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