Åse Berit Grødeland
Åse Berit Grødeland

Senior Researcher (Researcher 1)

    PhD in Russian and East European Studies, University of Glasgow

Research areas

Legal culture, corruption and anti-corruption reform, informal practice, civil society.

+47 91769114

Åse B. Grødeland and Leslie T. Holmes

Nash chelovek
Review of Central and East European Law
European Review
The Slavonic and East European Review

Aadne Aasland, Åse B. Grødeland and Heiko Pleines

Trust and Informal Practice among Elites in East Central and South East Europe
Europe-Asia Studies
Journal of Civil Society
Communist and Post-Communist Studies
European Legal Cultures in Transition
Informal Practice in the Judiciary: A Comparison of East Central Europe, South East Europe and the West Balkans
Informal Relations in Public Procurement. The Case of East Central and South East Europe
Networks and Informal Power Structure in South East Europe
Culture, Corruption and Anti-Corruption Strategies in Post-Communist Europe
Culture, Corruption and the Orange Revolution
Informal Practice, Cultural Capital and Politics in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania
Informality, legal insitutions and social norms
Informality and Informal Practices in East Central and South East Europe