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Does peace always produce development?


There is an assumption among international policymakers that peace is a prerequisite for development. What does this mean at the national level? The questions is raised by Jimena Leiva Roesch and Mona Christophersen (pictured) in the articel "Does peace always produce development? Guatemala offers some clues", published in The Global Observatory.

How can the municipalities combat work-related crime?


What are the municipalities doing to combat work-related crime – and how can these efforts be strengthened? Our study shows that the municipalities give priority to the procurement phase, seeking to weed out unethical suppliers at an early stage. The report is written by Rolf K. Andersen, Beate Sletvold Øistad, Emil Cappelen Bjøru and Maja Tofteng.

New report on the sharing economy in the Nordic countries


This report, written by Fafo-researchers Kristin Jesnes and Jon Erik Dølvikm presents a preliminary knowledge status about implications of the sharing economy for labour markets and employment relations in the Nordic countries. It also reviews actors approach the sharing economy and its legality, regulation, taxation, and terms of competition.



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