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Services to vulnerable children and young people


This is the first interim report from the Nordic collaboration on improved services to vulnerable children and young people between 0 and 24 years, with cases from all the countries. The aim is to improve services by means of improving cross-sectoral collaboration. From Fafo the authors are Inger Lise Skog Hansen Ragnhild Steen Jensen og Anne Hege Strand. This first report provides an overview of the design of the evaluation and a structural description of the national cases.

New book on vocational education in the Nordic countries


Anna Hagen Tønder from Fafo is co-author on two chapters in a new book from Routledge. The title is  "Vocational Education in the Nordic Countries. Learning from Diversity". Vocational education in Europe has resisted standardisation to a higher degree than other fields of education, and during the last decade, there has been a growth in international, comparative VET research.

Networking, lobbying and bargaining for pensions


Norway reformed its pension system in 2011. In this article, 'Networking, lobbying and bargaining for pensions: trade union power in the Norwegian pension reform', Jon M. Hippe from Fafo and Anne Skevik Grødem look at LO (the Trade Union Confederation) involvement in the process at different stages. It is published in Journal of Public Policy.

Sharing economy in a labour perspective


In this article, Kristin Alsos, Kristin Jesnes and Beate Sletvold Øistad, explore the sharing economy in Norway in a labour perspective. They find that work intermediated through platforms still is a marginal phenomenon in the Norwegian labour market. While several studies suggest that the platform economy will grow, we argue that traditional companies will adopt platform-based solutions, both the digital solutions and the employment relations.

The role of assistant in kindergartens


In this report, Mona Bråten and Bård Jordfald, elucidate the role of assistants in kindergartens. The question posed concern how the kindergarten sector and the role of assistants have evolved from 2003 and up to the present day.We discuss how managers, colleagues and the assistants themselves view the position of assistant in light of political guidelines on quality and competence in kindergartens in the future.

Common effort for employment


As part of the Governement's strategy for more employments, Fafo's Jon Rogstad will speak at a conference that is marking the start for the new common effort to create a more including work life. He will talk about recent research on how employers judge jobseekers during the job-interviews.

Commercial providers of public sector services


During the last decades, it have been raised questions about the role of private actors in the public welfare services. This project, that is done in cooperation between Fafo and Economics Norway, will map potential differences between services from public and private providers. Another point in the discussion has been the authorities' ability to control private actors.

Too little knowledge about skilled workers and innovation


Johan Røed Steen has written an article in the magazine Forskningspolitikk. He calls for more attention on how vocationally trained workers contribute to continuous improvement of products and processes.

Public tenders and staffing in electrical enterprise


More than half of the electricity enterprises have been directly involved in public tenders in the last two years. Public projects are primarily staffed by the enterprises’ own employees, but 22 per cent of the union representatives respond that projects must partly be staffed by employees from outside. The report is written by Rolf K. Andersen and Mona Bråten, and it is commissoned by the Electrician and IT workers union.

Nordic Work Life Conference in Oslo


The 9th Nordic Work Life Conference, Creating a sustainable future of work in the Nordic countries, addresses the future of work by focusing on social, institutional and technological change causing a shift in the type of work and the way work is organized in the Nordic countries. It is hosted by Fafo and AFI, Oslo and Akershus University College of applied sciences. 



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