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The visit of Director-General Joost Korte is unfortunately canceled. This is due to new internal instructions following the coronavirus outbreak that indicate that only absolutely necessary journeys must be made by employees of the EU institutions.

Wednesday January 29th Ellen Katrine Kallander will be defending the thesis “Children affected by parental illness or parental substance abuse: young carers, well-being and quality of life” for the degree of PhD.

SMART is an EU project aimed at making trade and the market more sustainable and responsible. This week, through a string of events, members of the project will present their suggestions for what EU and its businesses can do to reach these goals. On the event focused on products January 24th, Fafo researcher Taylor will offer his advice when it comes to “Resistance to regulation in global value chains / product lifecycles”. Anyone can register to participate in the events.

In Ethiopia, malnutrition is widespread amongst children and a supplementary feeding program is only provided to chronically food-insecure areas. A paper co-authored by Anne Hatløy outline the exploration of whether using local ingredients-based supplement (such as pumpkin seed, peanut, amaranth grain, flaxseed, and emmer wheat) is at least as good an alternative as the currently used corn-soya blends in treating moderate acute malnutrition among children aged 6–59 months. Further studies will examine how mothers view a change to supplements based on local ingredients.

This report discusses a number of key topics, such as which forms labour trafficking can take and how it can be distinguished from other terms and concepts that are commonly used to describe exploitation in the work sphere. Furthermore, we look into practical experiences, opportunities and challenges related to anti-trafficking efforts in three main areas: detecting and identifying human trafficking, assistance to victims and investigation/prosecution.

Terje Olsen is co-editor for the book “Disability Hate Speech”. This is the first book to solely and explicitly focus on hate speech against disabled people. It seeks to explain the phenomena, its importance, what laws govern it and how it differs from other forms of hate speech.