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Fafo is an independent and multidisciplinary research foundation focusing on social welfare and trade policy, labor and living conditions, public health, migration and integration, and transnational security and development issues. Fafo works within both a domestic Norwegian and larger international context.

Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation Complicated by War

July 17. 2014
After eight years of conflict between the two Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas, they announced a surprise agreement of reconciliation in April 2014. The deal came at a time when the West Bank authorities faced a deadlock in the peace negotiations with Israel, and an almost broke Hamas had lost most of its allies. Both parties needed to find a way to move forward. Israel, on the other hand, has strongly voiced their opposition to Palestinian unity, claiming it to be an act of legitimizing Hamas. The Gaza war is further complicating the reconciliation process between Fatah and Hamas. Fafo-researchers Mona Christophersen and Akram Atallah is asking if the war could destroy the reconciliation process. Pil Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation Complicated by War

Henriette LundeTone SommerfeltAnne Hatløy New project on children in domestic service in Haiti

July 2014
How many children are living as domestics servants in Haiti? Existing estimates varies from 120.000 to 400.000 and following the 2010 earthquake, stories of increasing recruitment of children into domestic service abound. This project seeks to re-assess the extent of, and processes pertaining to, child domestic labour in Haiti. It also aims to explore characteristics of the living conditions of children in domestic service, children’s way in and out of domestic working life, their experiences and ambitions regarding migration, work and education, as well as profiles of employers, recruiters and children’s original households. The project is funded by a group of 25 international and national organizations, as well as the Haitian and French governments. Researchers are Henriette Lunde, Tone Sommerfelt and Anne Hatløy. Pil Read more about the project

Kathleen M JenningsNew article on sex, security and peackeeping

July 2014
What do service, sex, and (private) security have to do with peacekeeping? Lots! Fafo researcher Kathleen Jennings has a new article in Security Dialogue examining the gendered peacekeeping economies of Liberia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Jennings argues that a close analysis of the service, sex, and security sectors in peacekeeping areas – and the responses to them – reveals a counter-narrative of the peacekeeper-as-vulnerable, ultimately undermining the notion of the (masculine) UN protector. Pil Read abstract and download the article: Service, sex and security: Gendered peacekeeping economies in Liberia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Navnit Kaur GrewalNew article on testing procedures concerning the dietary intake of Somali and Iraqi infants in Norway

June 2014
Fafo-researcher Navnit Kaur Grewal is co-author of a new article, published in Nutrients, 6(6). The aim of this pilot study was to develop, test, and evaluate a 24-h recall procedure to assess the dietary intake of toddlers of Somali- and Iraqi-born mothers living in Norway. The study identified the need for additional foods in the picture library and some crucial aspects in training and supervising the field workers to reduce sources of error in the data collection. Pil Download the article: Development and Pilot Testing of 24-Hour Multiple-Pass Recall to Assess Dietary Intake of Toddlers of Somali- and Iraqi-Born Mothers Living in Norway

New Fafo-report: Men, women, and gender-based violence in North Kivu, DRC

20 June 2014
In the eastern Congo, a number of interventions have been implemented to assist victims of sexual violence, but much less work has been done to prevent sexual violence from happening in the first place. In this report Ingunn Bjørkhaug and Morten Bøås seeks to increase our knowledge of possible preventive strategies. In particular, it turns the attention to the issue of men and existing definitions and practices of masculinity and gender. Pil Download the Fafo-report Men, women, and gender-based violence in North Kivu, DRC Pil Read more about the Fafo-report Men, women, and gender-based violence in North Kivu, DRC

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