Ability and Willingness to Pay for Water and Sewage Services in Two Palestinian Cities
Results from a Household Survey in Nablus and Gaza City

Åge Arild Tiltnes

Fafo-paper 1998:17

Web edition

Forskere på Fafo: Åge Arild Tiltnes This study looks at the consumption of water for domestic purposes in two areas of the Palestinian Territories. The two areas are Gaza city, the largest community in the coastal Gaza Strip, and the city of Nablus in the inland West Bank. We report on four different populations: households residing inside and outside the refugee camps of Nablus, and those living inside and outside the refugee camp of Gaza city.

The analysis is mainly based on quantitative data from a so-called Ability and Willingness to Pay survey conducted in the fall of 1997. The two principal objectives of the Ability and Willingness to Pay (AWTP) survey were (i) to profile domestic water consumption, and (ii) to assess the consumers’ ability and willingness to pay for water. In addition, since sewerage services is meant to be an integrated part of a future Palestinian tariff system, the survey also aimed at finding out how much customers are willing to pay for such services.

Published: 1998 Id-nr.: 612