• Fafo-report 2015:13
  • Massa Coulibaly and Anne Hatløy

Religious issues and ethnicity in Southern Mali

  • Fafo-report 2015:13

While the increasing significance of radical Salafist Islam in the North of Mali is well known, religious reorientation in the South has received much less public attention. In a series of reports, we focus on changes in views on politics, religion and social conditions among Muslims in Southern Mali. The studies are based on data collected in Mali in June 2014, both during in-depth interviews with religious and political leaders, and in a perception survey among 1210 adults in Southern Mali. The study was funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This report presents how people in Southern Mali claim citizenship first, followed by their religious affiliation, and finally their ethnic identity.

  • Publisert: 19. juni 2015
  • Ordrenr. 20418
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    ISBN 978-82-324-0195-6ISSN 0801-6143




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