Haiti Youth Survey 2009. Volume II: Analytical Report

Henriette Lunde (ed.)

Fafo-report 2010:44


Forskningstema: Utdanning, og barn som ikke går på skolen

Forskere på Fafo: Anne Kielland

This report analyses the data from the Haiti Youth Survey, conducted nine months prior to the January 12 earthquake. The data represent an extensive national pre-earthquake baseline covering the three key sectors that influence youth social mobility, namely education, labour force participation and migration. In addition, it includes demographic and socio-economic data on a population and household level. The report presents a unique picture of the situation of young Haitians and provides fact-based knowledge on which to base the long-term, sustainable reconstruction of the country.  

The Haiti Youth Survey is a national survey of 2,000 households implemented by Fafo in collaboration with Institut Haïtien de l'Enfance. The survey is financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Utgitt: 2010 Id-nr.: 20188

Volume I: Tabulation Report