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How to create late career development

  • English summary of Fafo-rapport 2018:40
  • Anne Inga Hilsen
  • 18 December 2018

The Centre for Senior Policy (SSP) is a resource centre dedicated to the stimulation and development of policies concerning older workers in the workplace. They have launched a campaign focusing on late career development, called #the15best, asking the question: “What does it take for the 15 next years of your career to be the 15 best?”

The study asked 20 workers age 50+ who had made changes to their work situation why and what it took. Their message was that lifelong learning is important both for personal development in your present job and to prepare for possible new roles or jobs. In addition, several of them demonstrated that it is possible to change jobs after 50, but it is easier if you have changed jobs regularly through your career and not waited till you are 50+ to make the first move. Support from friends, family and colleagues are valuable when considering a drastic change, and so is network and contacts that can support and help point you to new and relevant job opportunities or support your efforts to develop the job you have to ensure new challenges and new learning.

Most important is asking yourself what it would take for the 15 next to be the 15 best. What can you do to achieve this and what can others do? Do not get stuck in a job that offers neither motivation nor development.