Welfare research

Fafo has been conducting activities in China since 1994 and developed close and constructive cooperation with Chinese institutions. Fafo’s research in China focuses on social, economic and political developments with particular attention to distribution, vulnerability, social sustainability and the impact of social transition for households. We also engage in policy analysis and dialogue with Chinese policymakers and researchers.

Fafo operates a regional office in Beijing.

Our main cooperating partner in China is the  Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED), a research center under the Ministry of Science and Technology. Fafo also has an agreement with China’s Central Party School to conduct scholarly cooperation on the “Nordic Model” of social organization. Apart from this, Fafo has cooperated with the Peking University (Research Center for Contemporary China, RCCC); the Central Finance and Economy University in Beijing, Nankai University (especially their Yunnan institute in Kunming); and Lanzhou University.


Huafeng Zhang, Mona Christophersen, Kristin Dalen, Jing Liu and Jon Pedersen
Fafo-report 2018:21
Fafo-paper 2016:03
Kristin Dalen, Hedda Flatø, Liu Jing and Zhang Huafeng
Recovering from the Wenchuan Earthquake
Living Conditions and Development in Disaster Areas 2008–2011
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Plass til kraftintensiv industri i Norge?
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No More Forevers
The Chinese Labour Force in a Time of Reform
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Kristin Dalen & Mona Christophersen

Hurtigtutrydding av fattigdom
Kina skal utrydde fattigdommen på ett år. Koste hva det koste vil

Hedda Flatø

Access to Health in a Chinese Village
The State, the Market and Barriers to Care

News about welfare and living conditions

New article on young outsiders in the EU South

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Youth unemployment and precarity have been expanding in the aftermath of the recent global recession. This article, co-written by Anne Hege Strand, offers an empirical examination of the uneven expansion of young people "Not in Employment, Education or Training" (NEETs) between regions of Italy, Spain, Greece and Cyprus. The authors highlighted region, as well as gender, class, education and economic growth as key factors behind NEET statistics.

Social and economic organisation of begging migration from Romania to Norway

Monday, 04 April 2022

A new article by Guri Tyldum and Jon Horgen Friberg in International Migration describes how poor visitors from Romania gain access to information, loans and transport services, begging spots and safe places to sleep, as well as emotional and social support when they are in Oslo to beg.

New PhD: Kristin Dalen on views on welfare in China

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

On June 17, 2021 Kristin Dalen will defend her doctoral thesis for the PhD Degree at the University of Bergen. The title of the thesis is "Chinese Views on Welfare: Social Policy and Political Support".

Updated report on labour trafficking

Wednesday, 09 June 2021

There is considerable knowledge about, and interventions that target, human trafficking and exploitation for prostitution. In labour trafficking, however, other actors are involved, the victims identified have more often been men, and assistance providers face other challenges than those that are known from trafficking for prostitution. Labour trafficking will also be encountered by other actors, and there is a considerable need for knowledge. This report is an updated summary of the original report Menneskehandel i arbeidslivet” [Labour trafficking”], published in 2019.