In English

Most Fafo-publications are in Norwegian. This list contains everything published in English

Anne Kielland
Fafo-report 2016:12
Fafo-report 2015:56
Tone Sommerfelt, Anne Hatløy and Kristin Jesnes
Fafo-report 2015:19
Guri Tyldum, Kristian Takvam Kindt, May-Len Skilbrei, Carmen From Dalseng and Hilde Lidén
Anette Brunovskis and Rebecca Surtees
Fafo-report 2015:21
Fafo-report 2015:38
Massa Coulibaly and Anne Hatløy
Fafo-report 2015:13
Svein Erik Stave and Solveig Hillesund
Fafo-report 2015:16
Anette Brunovskis and Rebecca Surtees
Fafo-report 2015:22
Henriette Lunde, Jing Liu and Jon Pedersen
Fafo-report 2014:56
Fafo-paper 2014:21
Huafeng Zhang, Åge A. Tiltnes and Hani Eldada
Fafo-paper 2014:18
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