Co-operative Housing in Johannesburg
A Survey among the Residents

Sabata Nakanyane

Fafo-paper 2002:04

Web edition

Forskningstema: Sahel og Afrika sør for Sahara

Fafo Institute for Applied Social Science has produced this report for Cope Housing Association and the Norwegian Federation of Co-operative Housing Association (NBBL). The objective for undertaking a survey among residents in the housing co-operatives in inner-city Johannesburg was to provide information to Cope Housing Association that might assist them in their work on implementing the co-operative housing model in South Africa. In order to understand and address the needs and interests of the residents, it is essential for Cope to have access to accurate and relevant information about the residents. The survey concentrated mainly on the residents’ living and housing conditions and the perceptions of the residents on the work of Cope and the boards/committees of the different co-operatives. The survey also looked at improvements that could be done from the residents’ point of view. The survey was funded by NORAD.

Utgitt: 2002 Id-nr.: 673