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  • Mona Christophersen and Åge A. Tiltnes

The Challenge of Retaining Norwegian Junior Professional Officers in the UN. A Summary

  • Fafopaper 2023:07
  • Fafopaper 2023:07

This is a summary of Faforeport 2023:16 on the challenge of retaining Norwegian Junior Professional Officers and increasing the number of Norwegians in the UN system commissioned by Norec. The paper expands somewhat a presentation of the report’s key findings to the “Nordic meeting on JPO, UNV secondments” at Norec, 27 April 2023. It includes a slightly amended version of the PowerPoint Presentation and comments on each of the slides to facilitate their interpretation.

  • Publisert: 22. juni 2023
  • Ordrenr. 10384




  • Norec — Norsk senter for utvekslingssamarbeid