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  • Jan Dietz

Putting the Past behind

A Review of Living Conditions along the Eastern Baltic Rim, The NORBALT Living Conditions Project

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  • Other Fafo-publications
The transitional process presents the countries along the Eastern Baltic Rim with complex, unprecedented challenges. Economic and political reforms have to be introduced swiftly and in tandem. How do ordinary people re- spond to the changes that have occurred in their living conditions since the transition got under way? Using Scandinavian models, the regional research project NORBALT takes stock of socio-economic developments. The project comprises the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, as well as St. Petersburg and the Kaliningrad enclave in Russia. Four country reports have been produced, containing an extensive documentation of crucial dimensions such as employment, housing, education, health, crime, and political attitudes. The reports pinpoint the human cost of the social and economic transition.

The present report brings together the main findings, giving an overview of living conditions developments in all five areas covered by the NORBALT project. Putting the Past behind draws attention to common achievements and problems, while also highlighting striking contrasts.

Putting the Past behind is issued in the framework of the Common Security Forum, an independent international network of scholars and politicians devoted to promoting ideas of common security.
  • Publisert: 13. februar 1996
  • Ordrenr. 915