Samarbeid og produksjonsflyt i Forsvaret

In this project, Fafo will employ action research to assist in an innovation and development program at the Norwegian Armed Forces maintenance division. The local goal is to establish better collaboration and workflow with the use of lean approaches.

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The goal of the maintenance division is to implement a more efficient total overhaul of submarines. Fafo will assist in this development process employing an action research approach, mainly based on interviews, observations and workshops where findings are presented and discussed. This methodological approach has the advantage of more frequent feedback loops than for instance evaluation research, where findings are presented after completion of the research assignment. We will also provide an introduction to lean work organization, healthy business development processes and conduct exercises with employees who are involved.
As new tools and methodologies are implemented (here: lean), this may imply a change for the employees in the work is organized work and in the way employees collaborate. This means that introducing a new tools or methodology both entail a work organization dimension and a social or relational dimension. Fafo wish to emphasize both dimensions in the pilot project.
The findings will be documented in a brief report that summarizes and discuss the main findings and gives recommendations on direction for further work, based on the results of the case study.

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Fafo-rapport 2017:29
Sol Skinnarland og Leif E. Moland

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Leif E. Moland

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Leif E. Moland

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May 2014
May 2014