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Building the Union and the Nation
An evaluation of LO Norway`s support to the Palestinian General Federation of trade Unions

Lena C. Endresen and Bjørne Grimsrud

Fafo-paper 2000:05

Web edition

LO Norway supported the PGFTU from 1994 to 1999 by providing funds for various development projects. This evaluation reviews the effects of the LO support, looking at the lessons learned and knowledge acquired which can also be relevant for future projects.

The following elements of LO’s support are reviewed and discussed in this report: The effect of building two trade union headquarters in Gaza City and Nablus; the importance and effect of the trade union magazine “the Labourers’ Voice” on internal democratisation and cross-regional contact; the effect of the support to the women’s groups in the PGFTU on female participation and influence on all levels of the union movement and working life; and the effect of the support on the PGFTU’s general training programme. On this basis, the report assesses the overall development of the PGFTU from 1994 to date, including the relationship between the PGFTU and the Histadrut; and the lessons learned from LO-PGFTU co-operation with regard to helping develop democratic trade unions striving to promote democratic development.

Published: 2000 Id-nr.: 638