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Evaluation of measures against social dumping

Rolf K. Andersen, Mona Bråten, Line Eldring og Anne Mette Ødegård

Fafo-notat 2010:24


Forskere på Fafo: Rolf K. Andersen, Mona Bråten, Anne Mette Ødegård

How have the measures from the Norwegian government and the effort from the Labour Inspectorate against social dumping worked? Fafo has made a research-based evaluation of the topic, which also includes an assessment of the new system of ID-cards in the construction sector. The evaluation has been made through a survey among companies that had inspection from the Labour Inspectorate concerning social dumping. In addition, we conducted a survey among shop stewards in the union for construction and metal workers (Fellesforbundet). We also made qualitative interviews with labour inspectors in three different regions.  The companies are calling for even more activity when it comes to inspections and give broad support to different types of regulations to combat social dumping. ID-cards in the construction sector are widespread, and are receiving a passing mark from those who are affected.

Published: 2010 Id-nr.: 10120