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Armed Services
Regulating the Private Military Industry

Kathleen M. Jennings

Fafo-report 532


The private military industry is both entrenched and little under-stood. It poses significant operational, legal, and ideational challenges for policymakers, legislators, military commanders, and activists. Private military companies operating on behalf of governments generally enjoy impunity even for serious human rights abuses. For the most part, they exist in a regulatory no man’s land. Armed Services examines various sources of constraint on the private military industry, and how policymakers and legislators can build on these constraints in establishing effective regulatory regimes. The author argues that the tools for regulation exist, but that they need to be applied with a view to increasing the accountability and transparency of an industry that remains largely in the shadows.

Armed Services is part of Fafo’s programme on conflict trade, and has been made possible by financial support from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada.

Published: 2006 Id-nr.: 532