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Laura E. Mitchell

Coping, Closure, and Gendered Life Transitions

Palestinians’ Responses to the Erosion of Male Breadwinning Work

  • Fafo-report 2010:34
  • Fafo-report 2010:34
This report emerges as part of a decade of on-going study by Fafo of Palestinians’ coping strategies under Israel’s closure regime and continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This regime has had varying effects on different Palestinians. One such effect is the erosion of well-remunerated male breadwinning work. By examining Palestinians’ life transitions into adulthood through a gendered lens, this report seeks to better understand the effects of closure on Palestinian men and women as they seek to secure their lives and livelihoods. Drawing on qualitative interviews, statistical data and academic literature from the region, the report examines how men and women are faring in terms of educational attainment, labor force participation and the transition to marriage. As more and more Palestinians pursue higher education, Palestinian women in particular are outnumbering men in enrollment, outstripping them academically, and changing gender relations. While men’s social and economic position may be declining and women’s roles may be expanding, this report examines how both genders are faring.
  • Published: 2. March 2010
  • Ordering ID: 20178
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