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  • Anne Britt Djuve

Introductory programmes for new immigrants. A paradigm shift in integration policy? Doctoral thesis

Et integreringspolitisk paradigmeskifte? Doktoravhandling

  • Fafo-rapport 2011:19
  • Fafo-rapport 2011:19
The thesis deals with the the development and the success of integration policy - especially the introductory programmes, in terms of the ability to influence behavior of employers and bureaucrats, as well as in terms of consequences for the target group. The policy is highlighted through four actor perspectives: policy makers, street-level bureaucrats (those who implement the policy), employers and the target group - that is, immigrants. The thesis is organized around the hypothesis that three forms of failures can occur on the way from the implementation of policies to citizenship:

1) Governance failure, ie that the state fails to affect the actual behavior of the street-level bureaucrats,

2) Market failure, in that the public and private employers' actual recruitment behavior can be difficult to influence through policy decisions, and

3) Moral failure, in that the instrument design itself may weaken the target group's rights basis and sense of dignity.

These issues are treated in four articles.
  • Published: 15. February 2011
  • Ordering ID: 20210
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