Alle prater om klima, men ingen om folk
En analyse av kraftbransjens fremtidige kompetansebehov

Bård Jordfald og Jørgen Svalund

Fafo-rapport 2009:49


Forskere på Fafo: Bård Jordfald, Jørgen Svalund The energy industry has gone through radical political, structural, and organisational changes over the last decades. The character of the industry has changed from that of a national infrastructure project to one appropriate to its role as an integrated part of the European energy market.

Due to these changes, the industry has witnessed a decline in employment during the same time span. New investments, partly due to political agreements and goals concerning climate, will increase activity in the industry in the years to come. The combination of a low number of recent technical graduates and the fact that many people in the industry are close to retirement, presents the industry with significant challenges regarding sufficient staffing.

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