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Vold og trusler om vold i offentlig sektor

Jørgen Svalund

Fafo-rapport 2009:30


Prosjekt: Vold og trusler i offentlig sektor

Forskere på Fafo: Jørgen Svalund

This report addresses violence and threats of violence against employees in three areas of public sector: Child welfare offices, child welfare institutions and services for physically disabled persons. We raise the following main questions:

  • To what degree are employees in these services exposed to violence or threat of violence?
  • To what degree do the businesses employ any preemptive measures in order to reduce the occurrence of violence and threat of violence against their employees?
  • What kind of guidelines have the businesses implemented concerning how incidents of violence and threat of violence against employees are handled after the fact?
  • What are the consequences of violence and threat of violence towards employees health and well- being?

Utgitt: 2009 Id-nr.: 20120

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