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  • Anne Hatløy

Methodological aspects of assessing nutrition security

Examples from Mali. Doctoral dissertation

  • Fafo-report 323
  • Fafo-report 323
To be able to assess food and nutrition security, good tools are needed. For the youngest children, breastmilk is the most important source for covering nutrition requirement. In this report the manner in which the economic value of the breastmilk can be calculated is demonstrated. A common form for assessing the nutritional situation is the comparison of the height and the weight of children with their age. However, mistakes made estimating age can lead to incorrect evaluations of nutritional status. In addition, simple indicators for food security have been developed in this report. The number of food items and the number of food groups are shown to give fairly good indication of the nutritional adequacy of the diet and were also related to the nutritional status of the children
  • Published: 25. March 1999
  • Ordering ID: 323
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