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Reframing trafficking prevention
Lessons from a “Positive Deviance” approach

Anette Brunovskis and Rebecca Surtees

Fafo-report 2015:21

Web edition

Forskere på Fafo: Anette Brunovskis

This study discusses a pilot project to prevent human trafficking utilizing a positive deviance approach. The positive deviance methodology, originally developed in the fields of health and nutrition, is based on the premise that in all communities, there are individuals or groups who are in a similar situation to others, but nevertheless manage to find better solutions to a particular problem. A positive deviance approach identifies and mobilises these successful strategies to foster social and behavioural change in the community. In this project we implemented positive deviance methodology to prevent trafficking in a town in Albania, in collaboration with the Albanian anti-trafficking NGO Different and Equal, bringing together research and practice. This study gives an introduction to the methodology, a description of the steps and adjustments in the pilot project and presents considerations and key issues in using a positive deviance approach in anti-trafficking prevention work.

Published: 2015 Id-nr.: 20426