Publications in English


In English

Most Fafo-publications are in Norwegian. This list contains everything published in English

Huafeng Zhang, Mona Christophersen, Kristin Dalen, Jing Liu and Jon Pedersen
Fafo-report 2018:21
Fafo-report 2017:24
Anne Kielland, Anne Hatløy, Tone Sommerfelt, Tewodros Aragie Kebede and Kathleen M. Jennings
Fafo-report 2017:39
Anette Brunovskis and Silje Sønsterudbråten
Fafo-report 2017:23
Tove Midtsundstad, Ingrid Sivesind Mehlum and Anne Inga Hilsen
Fafo-paper 2017:09
Anette Brunovskis and Rebecca Surtees
Fafo-report 2017:12
Åsmund Hermansen
Fafo-report 2016:45
Fafo-report 2016:38
Tewodros Aragie Kebede and Kristian Takvam Kindt
Fafo-report 2016:20
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