Hedda Flatø
Hedda Flatø

    Academic background:

    PhD, University of Oslo, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, 2020

    MA, University of Oslo, Department of Political Science, 2011

    BA, International Relations, University of Oslo, 2007

    Chinese language studies, Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan and Renmin University, Beijing, 2008

Area of work:

China; risk and vulnerability; environmental and social protection; health and welfare systems; popular legitimacy and political support

Research areas:

China | Emerging economies | Global health

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Hedda Flatø, Ingunn Bjørkhaug, Anette Brunovskis og Mona Christophersen
Fafo-notat 2021:14
Fafo-paper 2016:03
Hanne Bogen og Hedda Flatø
Offentlig og privat tjenesteproduksjon
Om sykehus drevet av ideelle organisasjoner
Fafo-notat 2015:06
Kristin Dalen, Hedda Flatø, Liu Jing and Zhang Huafeng
Recovering from the Wenchuan Earthquake
Living Conditions and Development in Disaster Areas 2008–2011
Fafo-report 2012:39
Morten Bøås, Hedda Flatø, Anne Hatløy, Jon Pedersen and Åge Tiltnes
Fafo-paper 2011:17
Morten Bøås, Hedda Flatø, Anne Hatløy, Jon Pedersen and Åge A. Tiltnes
Polling for peace and security
Pre-election and post-election polling in fragile and precarious situations
Fafo-paper 2011:15
Socioeconomic Status, Air Pollution and Desire for Local Environmental Protection in China
Insights from National Survey Data

Journal of Environmental Planning and Management

Hedda Flatø and Huafeng Zhang

Inequity in level of healthcare utilization before and after universal health coverage reforms in China
Evidence from household surveys in Sichuan Province

International Journal for Equity in Health

Other publications

Polluted Perspectives
Environmental Troubles and Popular Political Attitudes in China

PhD Dissertation

Hedda Flatø and Svein Erik Stave

Measuring Sustainable Development in China
Theoretical and Methodological Background of the Sustainable Well-being Index (SWI)

Per Martin Norheim-Martinsen

China’s emerging UN agenda

Kristin Dalen og Hedda Flatø

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Dagens Næringsliv

Hedda Flatø

Access to Health in a Chinese Village
The State, the Market and Barriers to Care