Maria Gussgard Volckmar-Eeg
Maria Gussgard Volckmar-Eeg

    Academic background: Master in Sociology, University of Oslo (UiO)

Area of work:
Maria G. Volckmar-Eeg works with projects related to integration and welfare. She has a particular interest in how welfare services meet and accommodate an increasingly diverse population.

Her research interests include welfare policy, ethnic and cultural diversity, street-level discretion, labor market integration, and professional social work. In her doctoral thesis, Volckmar-Eeg explored how frontline workers in the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV) operationalize the category of ‘immigrant clients’, with a particular focus on how they emphasize culture in this work, and the implications of such categorization for further case proceedings.

Volckmar-Eeg has broad experience with qualitative and quantitative research methods, and has worked in particular with institutional ethnography, literature reviews, fieldwork methods and qualitative in-depth interviews. Volckmar-Eeg publish academic articles in Norwegian and International scientific journals, write op-eds, gives lectures and presentations.

Research areas:

Introduksjonsprogram for nyankomne flyktninger | Inclusion of immigrants | The multi-cultural society | Exclusion and marginalisation

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