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Selma Sofia Forfod Yssen

Research assistant


Master's degree in human geography, University of Oslo

Area of work

Health and welfare services, democratisation-autocratisation, civil society and political mobilisation

Current projects

New ways to qualify in the health and care sector
R&D project which will investigate whether a new job category and qualification course for the level between employees without formal health professional competence and health professional workers can contribute to better task solving, more personnel in the health care service and less outsiders.
The full-time pot
The “Full-time Pot” is a development program for testing initiatives in the workplace with the aim of establishing more full-time positions. The program is funded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion. The evaluation is conducted by Fafo, Economics Norway (SØA), and Framlent.
Advanced practice nursing in the municipalities

Descriptions of nurses with a Master's in Advanced Practice Nursing (AKS / APN), also called nurse practioner, their roles and tasks in municipal health and care services, assessments of the content of the education, and the municipalities' plans for using APN graduates Register data, surveys and qualitative interviews in selected case municipalities are used.

Long shifts with a reduced need for temporary workers

R&D project on the health and care sector incorporates absence prediction into the staffing plans so that the need to hire extra guards is reduced to a minimum. The aim of such staffing plans is to ensure continuity in the services by being able to use permanent staff with the right skills and a high level of presence. The project will document practices in municipalities and hospitals and what experiences they have with staffing plans that can reduce the use of temporary workers when permanent employees are absent. Method: Qualitative interviews at six service locations and a survey of nurse managers.

Extended staffing in kindergartens

Development project where two municipal kindergartens will increase the permanent staffing by one man-year in order to have more robust staffing that can reduce the need for temporary hires in case of absence. It is also a goal to reduce sickness absence.

Evaluating "Snakke" and "Jeg vet"

The overall objective of this project is to evaluate the implementation process as well as the effect of, and experiences with, two learning resources about violence and abuse against children: "" (talk with children) and "Jeg Vet". (I know)

Completed projects

The impact of EEA and Norway grants

The project will review and summarise existing knowledge on the effects of the Norwegian contribution to the European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway Grants aimed to reduce economic and social disparities and strengthen bilateral relations with 15 EU countries, primarily in Eastern and Central Europe. Norway provides approx. 95% of the funding; Iceland and Liechtenstein the rest.