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Adjustments at the workplace



Sissel C. Trygstad og Mona Bråten

Fafo-rapport 2011:22
ISBN 978-82-7422-821-4 (papirutgave)
ISBN 978-82-7422-822-1 (nettutgave)
ISSN 0801-6143

2011, 132 s kr. 232,- Ordrenr: 20213

Nettutgave Vedlegg 2 Intervjuguide Vedlegg 3 Spørreskjema

(pdf 779kb)

How inclusive is the Norwegian working life? To what extent do they make adjustments for employees in different situations? How can companies prepare for increased job attendance and reduce exclusion? And does it work - is it better to go to work when the company makes adjustments? What about the environment and social relations, does it have any impact on job satisfaction and job attendance? These questions are discussed in this report, and the aim is to increase the knowledge about companies' practices with regard to adjustments and effects on job satisfaction, adherence, and exclusion.
232,00 kr



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