Pillar II
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FoWnordics: Pillar II - Digitalization of traditional forms of work

This pillar will focus on changes during the last decades in the occupational and job structure in the Nordic countries. New technology in the form of digitalization and ICT, has been described in terms of robotics enhancing automatization, industrialization 4.0, and platforms facilitating the enrollment of extensive networks of resources. In this pillar, our purpose is to examine how different approaches to digitalization, penetrating the established production system, affect jobs and occupations in the labour market, work and employment relations, and the strategies of stakeholders (employers, unions and governmental bodies) that are trying to govern this change.

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Pillar coordinator

Bertil Rolandsson, Associate Professor, Gothenburg University.

Reports and events

Berglund, Tomas, Jon Erik Dølvik, Stine Rasmussen and Johan Røed Steen (2019). Changes in the occupational structure of Nordic employment: Upgrading or polarization? Nordic future of work Working paper 2

Rolandsson, Bertil, Jon Erik Dølvik, Anna Hedenus, Johan Røed Steen, Anna Ilsøe, Trine Pernille Larsen and Tuomo Alasoini (2019). Digitalization in Nordic manufacturing: Some case-study illustrations.Nordic future of work Working paper 3

Menneske mot roboter: Hva kan vi vente oss? Artikkel av Johan Røed Steen på Arbeidslivet.no 21. mai 2018.

Seminar at Fafo - Future of work: Addressing the challenges of digitalisation, November, 2017.