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Approaches to atypical and precarious work



Kristin Jesnes

Fafo-paper 2018:21
ISSN 0804-5135


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This paper outlines different methodological approaches to atypical and precarious work. Fafo has discussed such issues under the research programme ‘Tilknytningsformer’ [Forms of affiliation in the labour market], in recent years. The paper is the product of a review of selected articles on the topic and a workshop organized in Oslo in December 2017 with researchers from the Nordic countries and the UK. At the workshop, we attempted to cover different ways of operationalizing some specific forms of atypical and precarious work. The aim of the paper is not to establish the share of precarious atypical work in any country, but to discuss different definitions and approaches to the issue.


Daglig leder: Tone Fløtten

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