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Fafo's Research on Human Trafficking: A Bibliography

  • Andre Fafo-utgivelser
  • Andre Fafo-utgivelser

This is an overview of Fafo publications on human trafficking and, as such, a reflection of the social context these publications responded and related to. A considerable challenge in the early days of awareness of trafficking in Norway, was how public understandings of the phenomenon often took as their starting point forms of trafficking that were placed on the extreme end of the exploitation continuum, while not reflecting the broad scope of the legal definition of trafficking or the low threshold applied in social work. The situation today is a very different one. The concept of trafficking is today applied to a broad range of problems. With this, new challenges arise, and research based knowledge is important for informing decisions in a complex and ever changing landscape.

  • Publisert: 2. januar 2012
  • Ordrenr. 950
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