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  • Anna Kvittingen, Åge A. Tiltnes, Ronia Salman, Hana Asfour and Dina Baslan

‘Just getting by’

Ex-Gazans in Jerash and other refugee camps in Jordan

  • Fafo-rapport 2019:34
  • Fafo-rapport 2019:34

This report focuses on the circumstances of ex-Gazans, a group of non-citizen Palestinian refugees, living inside the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan.

Known to suffer higher levels of poverty than other camp refugees, particularly in Jerash camp, the report compares and contrasts statistical data on demography, income, housing, educational attainment, and employment for ex-Gazans in Jerash camp, ex-Gazans in other camps, and citizen Palestinian camp refugees. It demonstrates that ex-Gazans in Jerash camp are significantly poorer and that their pattern and type of employment differs from ex-Gazans and citizen refugees elsewhere. Drawing on qualitative data, the report then proceeds to explore work and livelihoods practices of ex-Gazans in Jerash camp in order to better understand how their non-citizen status and location in Jerash camp intersect to exacerbate their poor socio-economic conditions.

  • Publisert: 28. november 2019
  • Ordrenr. 20731