Living Conditions. A Sociological Study

Gudmund Hernes and Knud Knudsen

Fafo-rapport 129

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Forskere på Fafo: Gudmund Hernes

The secession of the Republic of Lithuania from the Soviet Union and the profound changes that have swept the Baltic republic with an almost inconceivable speed, epitomises the historic drama of transition that is still unfolding in Eastern Europe.

At the outset of a re-emerging nation’s life this book presents a snapshot of Lithuania in the midst of transformation from l’ancien to the new regime. Based on a representative sample of the adult population from 1990 it is a baseline study that captures the conditions and variations in social and economic life along dimensions as: population, health, education, employment and work-place conditions, income and economic resources, housing, social relations and leisure time activities, crime, social conflict and public opinion.

Utgitt: 1991 Id-nr.: 129

Lietuvos. Gyvenimo Salygos (Lithuanian edition)